Gene Hollander

My wife and I just completed a trip to Brazil. We traveled in June, 2010. Jill was great in arranging an amazing trip to this country. She secured a wonderful guide in Rio, and insured that we stayed in an excellent hotel. When we missed a day in the city because our flight could not leave on time, Jill was diligent in following up to secure a refund for us. In Iguazu Falls, we stayed at the Hotel das Cataratas. I wondered how nice it would be considering, but it was a magical place. Very elegant and the food was excellent. Our guide there was extremely knowledgeable about the local bird life and was very gracious. Our last leg of the journey was at the Ariau Jungle Lodge in the Amazon. That too, was a fantastic way to see the local wildlife. Jill knew the exact amount of time that it would be worthwhile to stay there. In sum, Jill arranged a great and varied trip. We look forward to using her again when we explore the Pantanal.


B. Williams

“We returned from our trip safe and sound. What a remarkable experience! You may recall that I had never really heard of Iguaçu Falls and it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. Weather was perfect the whole time, Ecuador & Brazil, and the places were indescribable. One thing in particular I need to follow up on. On July 4, our guide Michelle, took several of us to visit an Indian Village. She said that it was fortunate that they were there since the next closest village was about 300km away. Both Katherine and I were very moved by the experience and I would like to find out the name of the Indians. Hope all is well with you and thank you for such a great series of experiences” . — B. Williams

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D.

“I know of no one who has been involved longer or more successfully with ecotourism in the Amazon than Jill Siegel. I recommend her enthusiastically!”
Mark Plotkin, Ph.D.
Ethnobotanist and President,
Amazon Conservation Team

Lisa Watson

“First, I want to thank you for the book of Amazon photographs. It serves as one more
reminder of the most magnificent vacations we have ever taken! Brazil is
such a diverse country filled with natural beauty and warm, friendly people.
We don’t need to tell you that, however. Thanks to you we discovered a
country that we definitely want to return to. Our absolute favorite
destinations were the Amazon Towers and Praia do Forte Eco Resort
Your guidance during the planning stage of our vacation was invaluable.
You promptly sent us an itinerary to start with and patiently revised it
upon our request. In every instance you responded on the same day we spoke.
Your professionalism gave us confidence in our travel arrangements. We were
impressed by the organization of the many travel documents we received from
you. We appreciated your suggestions as to the best restaurants, shows and
attractions to visit. Arranging for Flavio to be our guide in Rio greatly
enhanced our experience in that city.
We highly recommend your services to anybody wanting to travel in
Brazil. We personally plan to call upon you again as well. You are truly a
Brazil Travel Specialist….Now, what other destinations/countries do you
have in mind for us?
Again, we can’t thank you enough for helping us plan the vacation of a
lifetime! Sincerely, Lisa Watson

Bill, Patty, Kari and Ryan Kelly

“Happy, healthy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely fabulous trip! Chikera the spider monkey was the best good-will ambassador you could possibly meet and want to take home. Thank you for all your help and excellent reservations and a magnificent vacation. My nephew Michael was afraid of insects until he met a one-legged green katydid and carried it around all day as a good friend until he put him to bed in a beautiful flowered tree. Thanks again!” Joanne & David
P.S. David and I are avid birders and we feasted our eyes on the beautiful Hoatzin birds!”

“We are having a fantastic vacation! Thank you so much for all of the arrangements you made for us. Everything has been the best!”
Fondly, Bill, Patty, Kari and Ryan Kelly

Nancy & David Stoler

“We wanted to say thank you for all the arrangements you helped us with. Our trip to Brazil was everything and much more than we had hoped for. The people were absolutely wonderful and all the accommodations and sights and music and carnaval….what can we say…fabulous! We, too, can’t wait to go back again!”
Nancy & David Stoler

Jean Paul

“Just a quick note of thanks. As I expressed to you on the phone, I have planned a lot of trips over the internet. From start to finish you have been the most thorough, prompt and pleasurable to work with. We appreciate your great service in a world of increasingly poor service. You certainly stand out! My husband and son had a wonderful and memorable time on their Brazilian excursion. The hotels you recommended worked out just great as well as the restaurants.” Jean Paul

Megan, Adam and William Duckett

“We arrived home yesterday and we were so sad to leave Brazil. We had a wonderful time there and could not have been more pleased with the trip and your travel arrangements for us. Loved the Visconti in Rio. It was perfect with the baby, and a good location that allowed us to walk around Ipanema. Very clean and accommodating and an excellent in-room meal service of top quality. Flavio, our private guide was just excellent. His car is new and clean and air conditioned. His English is very fluent and he is a wealth of knowledge. He was flexible and worked with our needs as well as making recommendations for other things to do. Iguaçu Falls was just spectacular. The hotel is by far the best location we have stayed. Meals and staff were accommodating. We went repelling there and walked for miles. Very impressed with the environmentally friendly attitudes there – they are ahead of us here in the USA. So it was just lovely and we thank you for your efforts. I will be sure to recommend you to our friends”. With thanks, Megan, Adam and William Duckett


Randy Mims

“From all of the “Tallahassee contingency”, THANK YOU for the trip of a lifetime…we all had SUCH an amazing time…it’s really hard to decide what part we liked better, everything was special in its own way. We’ll send you pictures…I’m ready to go back!” Randy Mims


David Campbell

“Hey, Jill…Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with our recent trip to Brazil. We had a great time…the selection of hotels was perfect! Thanks again for all of your assistance.” David Campbell – March of Dimes