Dr. H. Mahadevan and Family

I’ll begin by unhesitatingly recommending Jill and her services.  Over the past 18 years, my family and I have traveled the world, every continent bar Antarctica. We have used a travel specialist only twice. In 2010 for a 3 week trip to Africa and Jill for a 3 week trip to Brazil earlier this year. We typically like planning and doing things on our own but Brazil, like Africa felt sufficiently different, overwhelmingly large and distant. We also don’t typically visit just the major tourist spots, so felt we needed an inside connection, this despite a daughter who had been living in Brazil for 5 months on scholarship.  At the end of our trip, which we consider one of our best ever, the entire family was convinced that Jill had done a remarkable job.  Here’s why:

  1. She helped curate a set of experiences tailored to our specific desires. My wife and I spoke with her regarding what we liked and wanted to experience and we collectively designed a program that was perfect for us. We felt like we seamlessly went from one customized highlight to another, with no experience being remotely like the previous one.
  2. Jill was eminently professional throughout the process, with excellent communication, ongoing updates and a very easy and straightforward means of working. She gave us and discussed options, pushed back when she felt she knew more, and explained the pros and cons of various choices. We ultimately agreed to something we were eagerly anticipating even before we left New Jersey.
  3. Jill’s connections in Brazil were superb.  The guide we had in Rio was one of our best guides ever and became a part of our family during our time there.  The accommodations were excellent and everything ran like clockwork. Not necessarily an easy task in a South American country.
  4. Jill stayed on top of our logistics even when we were mid-trip. For example, we had a delayed flight and she knew about it, connected with our transfer guide at our next destination in order to make sure we were met at the airport as planned. (Outstanding service!)
  5. Her local consolidator for intra-Brazil flights was top notch and we got a detailed itinerary which we never needed to question.
  6. Jill stayed exactly within the (admittedly ample) budget we had discussed with no attempts at up selling anything.
  7. Jill’s professionalism was evident in pretty much everything she did, from the package we received prior to departure, to the communications, to the billing process.  BTW, we found her through Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Photographer Kevin Schafer

When I was assigned to shoot a photo story on Amazon River Dolphins for National Geographic Magazine, I needed expert help with making connections and travel arrangements in Brazil. Fortunately I found Jill, who helped make my entire project possible through her long experience in the region, her many personal contacts, and her enthusiasm for the Amazon. In short, I couldn’t have done it without her.