The Amazon wows on a large scale. Covering 2.5 million square miles, its tropical rainforest is unrivaled in size, and its river system is the largest body of fresh water in the world. The region is home to one in 10 of all known species, among them four types of big cats, 1,800 species of butterflies and 1,300 species of birds. From a cozy jungle lodge on the banks of the Rio Negro or onboard a luxury yacht, you can explore the unparalleled biodiversity. A tropical tree climbing adventure provides a bird’s eye view of flora and fauna from the forest canopy. Eco-tourism options include treks into the rainforest, nocturnal sightseeing, canoeing on the river’s tributaries, and photographic expeditions.

The indigenous culture has brought much flavor and influence to the region that is reflected in its festivals and delicious cuisine. The yearly exuberant Parintins Folklore Festival—an incredible musical and theatrical experience, is the second-largest celebration in Brazil; only Rio’s Carnaval draws more participants. The spectacle combines religious, tribal, mythical and indigenous themes and culminates in a grand competition between the two rival groups at the Bumbódromo—a stadium that holds over 35,000 spectators. Whether you come to the Amazon for the tranquility and power that the rainforest holds, or the wild and energetic Parintins Festival, the unique experience that the Amazon offers is unparalleled anywhere else on earth.

Must See Attractions

  • Anavilhanas Archipelago—is made up of 400 individual islands, the largest grouping of fresh water islands in the world. Exuberant flora and fauna, birds, butterflies, fish and monkeys.
  • Jaú National Park—largest untouched rainforest park in the world.

Gateway City: Manaus