Olof Jonsdottir

As a busy family of four, parents and two adult kids, we finally found the time to go on an overdue vacation together, and mostly because of musical and cultural interests decided to go to Brazil. I had high expectations when I contacted Jill about organizing the trip, after all she was recommended by Conde Nast. I’m happy to say she not only met those high expectations but went way beyond. What impressed me above all was the way she listened and how well she got to know us and our interests and make plans accordingly. Not only went all the rather complicated traveling seamlessly with great places to stay, we got everything we asked for and so much more we didn’t even know to ask for or to be possible at all! All the sight seeing, musical concerts, cultural experiences, visits and encounters we could never have done on our own, not to mention with our limited time. All went smoothly, without being hurried. We went to Rio, Salvador and the Pantanal. She got us private guides in Rio (Leticia) and Salvador (Paula) that I can highly recommend. Just as Jill’s, their wealth of knowledge and connections, along with the ability to adjust plans as they got to know us better, gave us priceless insight in Brazilian life and culture, gave us a new view of the world and made this trip unforgettable.

Olof Jonsdottir (Iceland)